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Hello and welcome to the Leeds Kingfishers Synchronized Swimming Club (LKSSC) website.

LKSSC has now formaly dissolved as a club, However we would like to keep the following information on this website as a guide to anyone interested in synchronised swimming or thinking of joining a club, On this page we have left links below to other club websites for you to contact for further information. You may also still get in touch by emailing secretary@leedskingfishers.org.uk and we will try to get back to you asap.

  • City of Leeds Synchronised Swimming Club

  • Pudsey Pearls Synchronised Swimming Club

  • Here you will find out everything there is to know about Leeds Kingfishers including where we meet, who our coaches are, what competitions we are entering, and more importantly how to join. The aims of Leeds Kingfishers Synchronized Swimming Club are:

    • To bring Synchronized swimming to all in the community
    • To provide trained coaches to ensure that all swimmers can reach their true potential
    • To ensure that we cater for both the need of the competative and recreational swimmer

    We aim to do this by providing a fun, safe enviroment in which all members of the club can enjoy synchronised swimming at a level which suits them. Want to have a go?

    Then come down for a free session where one of our experienced coaches will give you a taster session of what is involved in the sport of Synchronised Swimming.

    Our minimum requirements are:

    • Stage 7 (National Plan Award)
    • which includes the following :-

    • You must be able to swim at least
    • 25 metres breaststroke
    • 25 metres front crawl
    • 25 metres backstroke
    • 25 metres butterfly
    • Preform a movement sequence of 1 minute in a group of 3 or more using sculling head/feet first.
    • forward/backward sumersault
    • log roll, floating - star on front or back,tuck float,
    • Eggbeater - lifting one or both arms out of the water
    • Preform a sitting dive
    • Swim 50 metres continuously in one stroke
    • Swim 100 metres using 3 different strokes
    • Tread water using eggbeater action for 30 seconds
    • Compleate an obstical course (minimum 4 objects with feet off the bottom throughout
    • Be able to pick up from the floor in shallow water
    • Jump into the deep end of the pool
    • Swimming under water without goggles

    We look forward to seeing you.

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