Turn a Normal Room into an Elegant Kitchen

You can get an elegant kitchen no matter the space or budget that you have to work with. It’s just a matter of using a little bit of ingenuity and flood damage Brisbane doing a few simple projects to really get a cohesive design style in your space.

A really fun way to decorate this kind of room is to think about what you would do if you had all the money in the world if there was no object or obstacle in the way. This will give you a good feeling of what opulence is to you. Of course you’ll have to find different ways to get these things in your room in a budget friendly way, but it can really give you an idea of what your overall dream kitchen would really look like.

Go with a dark wood. You can really balance the style by going with a much lighter stone. Even if it’s just using a basic ceramic tile and a simple wood cabinet you can still get the look of high-end pieces just by the colors that you choose. That is needed for a little bit of warmth because you don’t want to be modern so you might want to choose kind of a peach tone along with a very dark wood stain in a walnut or even a mahogany.

Add in simplistic details. This includes molding on your cabinets and ornate drawer pulls. Elegant kitchen cabinets look effortless. They don’t need to be too formal or fussy, but there should still be really something very special about them even if it’s just the perfect paint finish. This is really going to make it look like a designer was in your home even if you did do everything yourself.

Find ways to make your ceiling seem taller. You may be able to remove a drop ceiling, although you’ll want to check with a professional before you ever attempt this. This will make your room feel a lot fresher and brighter. You can even add a lot of details onto your ceiling such as using a medallion around any lighting fixtures or just putting up molding. This is going to give more of the allusion of a tray ceiling, but it can also have kind of a vintage style feel to it.

Make everything match. This is vital for elegant kitchen decor. There really isn’t any clutter in this kind of space. You really need to put away any kind of unsightly items or anything that doesn’t look high end.

Find a way to update your space. If money was no object then you really don’t have to worry about how often you could redo your room. This means that you might want to bring in one really trendy item such as granite countertops. If you can’t afford this then try a granite backsplash. If this is still too expensive then maybe you can get a marble cutting board or another very small stone surface that will just cost a few dollars. You can also find kitchen carts that already have stone tops or laminate for just a few hundred dollars. Just one update really shows your guests that you are constantly working on your room and implementing new design ideas.

Another hallmark of elegant kitchen designs is the ample space. These kitchens are never cramped. You can find a lot of ways to get this same look in your room. If you live in an older home then you might be able to take down some of the upper cabinets to create more of an open floor plan. Then you can create a sense of flow by bringing the same wall color into whatever room is close to it. This means that your kitchen and your dining room should match. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same color but you could just do the reverse color palette or make sure that you include the same kind of a lighting fixtures in both of the spaces.

Stop limiting yourself. There might be a few things that you want such as a kitchen island with chandeliers over it but it just seems too expensive. You might be really surprised about all the different DIY projects or portable items that are out there. It really just takes a lot of shopping and research to just find the right items for your space and your budget.